Quarry Equipment

One of Spence Engineering's major areas of work is within the Quarry sector. From the repair and refurbishment of Buckets and Shovels, as well the the machines themselves to the design and build of new and custom pieces of equipment and accessories to help your teams work more efficiently.

Our services to the Quarrying sector includes:

  • Custom build of General purpose Buckets and Shovels
  • Rock Buckets
  • Other specialty Buckets and Shovels for grading, raking etc.
  • Repairs to Bucket ans Shovel body
  • Repairing or replacing Shanks and Teeth
  • Blade repair and replacement
  • Hitch and attachment repair
  • Custom Hitches and attachments build to order
  • Line Boring
  • Ram repairs and rebuilds
  • Complete new builds of standard and custom equipment