Hydraulic and Air Rams

New & Manufacturing

New or Refurbished Rams are available. Our skilled craftsmen can manufacture and repair individual Rams of all sizes in our well equipped workshop for any machine you may have.

We work with both Hydraulic and Air Rams and can construct a new ram for your equipment from drawings or by copying an existing damaged ram. We only use the best quality materials to ensure that all rams we make are assured to be of a high quality and fit for the purpose.

Repair & Refurb

Rams are a vital part of any mechanical piece of equipment and need to be kept in top quality order to ensure safe and productive working.

Rams do however get damaged, break seals, Pins and Bushes etc. and require to be repaired and serviced - That is where the highly skilled team at Spence Engineering come in. Hydraulic or Air Rams, any level of breakdown or damage, any size of Ram - the team can get you back up and running again very quickly. Click here for more on our Ram Repairs